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Muay Thai shorts from TCombat.Com

Tcombat Fight is a Mixed Martial arts (MMA),Boxing & related sports apparel brand designed for the athletes of Muay thai shorts, Muaythai t-shirt, Muaythai stuff. T Combat Co.,Ltd founded in 2014 is derived from the two friends' coordination since we are Muay Thai and matial art lovers. We've experienced the true meaning of the real fighting and powerful strength in Muay Thai(มวยไทย) by ourselves. Furthermore Muay Thai (Thaifight) is not only tough but it also expresses modesty and elegance. As a result of our admiration and obsession in Muay Tmartial art accessories in our own unique style. Most of our designs were inspired by the "Hanuman" heroic legends, myths especially the heroic characters. Under our brand, the materials are best selected and our goods are qualified of the best production because we need to produce the unique style of the brand and to sports apparel the international customers' demand. For our purpose not only to produce the best qualified Muay Thai (มวยไทย) and martial art= accessories but to inherit our cultural heritage of Muay Thai(มวยไทย) in the name of "T COMBAT" as our concept stated "be the best, beat the rest" because we believe that "Combat is an Art".

Check out our amazing Muay Thai shorts — we have all colors and sizes, both for males and females. Our muay thai shorts are made from very strong yet comfortable satin fabric. The shorts that just fits right.
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Tcombat is a global brand (Thaifight) of sports apparel with business for worldwide and production units in Bangkok (Thailand). Our products made from the best of material from smooth satin (anti allergic) for Muay thai shorts and premium cotton for Muaythai t-shirt.

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Brand new Stunning Tcombat Muay Thai shorts (Hanuman and Tosakanth)

— Brand new Stunning Tcombat Hanuman & Tosakanth Muay Thai shorts! made from premium smooth satin silk with neatly embroidered Hanuman. Exotic Thai design for Muay Thai (มวยไทย) and sport lovers. We offer the "Shock Price!" for all new customers. You'll find that our quality can't be judged by price! 

— Brand new!!! Tcombat Hanuman & Tosakanth Muay Thai t-Shirt made from premium cotton with smooth and soft surface. Our design by Ramayana style is elegant and unique. You can match Tcombat t-Shirt with your daily style easily. For Thai style lovers and also Thai martial art fans (MMA), we offer you the best price for great qualified t-Shirt! Grab one!